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Thread: 97 GTX Problem

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    97 GTX Problem

    I have a 97 GTX, when I first unload off the trailer, it will run perfect for about 20 minutes, then will start missing slightly at WOT. I can back off throttle about 1/8 and it will quit for a few minutes then start missing there. The point it starts missing consistently lowers itself until it hits 5000 rpm and that is all it will run. I can stop and take off and it will go to 5000 and level out. New plugs didn't help anything. I let it sit for about 30 minutes and took off, it ran fine for about 5 minutes and then started the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    My 96 HX is also doing the same thing. I cleaned out the fuel filter bowl, which needed cleaning, but it wasn't clear to me this is the root cause.

    I also took off the fuel selector valve and blew it out with compressed air and carb cleaner. This might be the source as the fluid did not blow quickly at first, but then flowed better as I cleaned it.

    The fuel lines, although the original gray ones everyone on here hates, did not appear to have any notable degredation.

    I'm hoping that the carbs are not the next stop.....if I still have this problem, then I might have to tear down the carbs and clean them.

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    I have checked all the fuel related issues I can think of, once mine reaches the final point, I can hold it wide open and it will turn 5000 RPM, no more and will do that until I let it sit for a while. The longer it sits the longer it will run before starting again. It seems way too consistent to be a fuel issue.

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    Replaced the rectifier today and no difference, does anybody have a clue as to what else could be causing this issue? All suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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    Paul, does the ski still have the grey tempo fuel lines? if it does I would seriously consider changing them out.
    my 97gtx started acting up just about like yours it wouldn't rev up past 5000 then it started droping down till it wouldn't get up on plane then you let it sit for a bit adn it would be fine then gradually start acting up.
    2 things were wrong with it.
    1st old grey fuel lines had gummed up the carb fuel filters not the fuel separater under the dash the little ones inside the carbs themselves. adn like mentioned earlier in this thread they didn't really show any signs of deterration.
    2nd when I pulled the carbs to clean the filters I had found there were small pinholes in the pump diaphram on one of the carbs.....

    I changed out the lines and fix the diaphram and the ski runs 100% better

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    Yupp, like everyone suggests, pull the carbs, clean them out good, put some new kits into them, slap em back on. Replace your fuel lines, clean the fuel selector , if its really gummed up, you might want to soak it in some carb cleaner overnight. Also, when is the last time your RAVE valves were pulled and cleaned? IF your carefull you can reuse your gaskets , but do check the o-ring, if your ordering carb kits, you can go ahead and get the orings and gaskets for those as well. These could be your problem as they open around the 4500-5500 rpm range. Hope you get it running right ....BigT

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    Thanks for the responses, rebuilt the carbs, both filters in them were about 90% stopped up and one of the the rubber diaphrams had a pin hole in it. Runs like a new unit now.

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