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    oil pump line placement question.

    If using the oil pump and lines were removed and not marked, is there a particular placement back on the pump. Do they all pump simutaniously? The service manual makes no metion or schematic. Probably because they assume if your that deep into it you should probably know.

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    It's not going to matter one ioda, once the oil is bled from the lines and pumping into the carburetors the engine won't know the difference.

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    It is an intresting question to ponder but...

    I am with you ,as it (combustion) occurs so rapidly on a two stroke that the oil seems to be secondary thing. Even at idle the timing light stays lite up continuously (almost) so a bleep in pressure could not cause a problem. It is important to note the internal of the pump though. I have never seen one apart. If it is a piston pump then who cares. If it is a cam/gear deal, then there is, in fact, a direct relation to postion. Whether needed or not. Just a thought.
    Thank You for your response.

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