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    1998 1100zxi

    Hey everyone, I just had a seadoo xp blow up on me, so im tryin to scrap it n get what I can for it. Im looking at a 1998 1100 zxi. it seems to have good power n seems pretty quick. Its at a reasonable price as well. If you wanna share your thoughts on this watercraft and let me know what you uys think bout it..or what the gps speed of it is i would appreciate it

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    I have a 1998 STX-1100 and it runs right about 50-51 MPH tops. The ZXI should be a little faster than that considering the hull is a foot shorter and less width. I would guess at 53-54 MPH.

    BTW... The STX-1100 is for sale.

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    Stock speed is 57-58mph. Not for towing but quick and fun. The 1998 STX-1100 is way different. It is much more stable then the zxi but not as much fun, and it has CV carbs to get better fuel consumption.

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