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    Exclamation New to the forums... my 2000 Speedster just died :( Help?

    Hello all! I know people hate when newbie posters on sites post questions about things that have probably been addressed many times. I spent an hour going through the site search to try and find answers to my questions, but did not have as much luck as I hoped. Please don't hate on me if these are repetitive questions...

    Background: I've got a 2000 Seadoo Speedster 16.5' w/ the 240hp Merc EFI motor. I bought it used last year. It was good overall shape, and ran like a dream. Over the past month, it has started to cut out on me after a long day. I'll have plenty of gas, but I'll be at WOT and the engine just cuts. I was able to restart it (many times before the boat even slowed down) and continue my ride. ***Also I was at a local dealer and they had me use Evinrude XD50 oil for my motor. Is that okay? The owner ASSURED me it would work perfectly, but I'm being skeptical. Should I have it drained and use the SeaDoo stuff?***

    Then, last week, disaster struck... I was on vacation, and no more than 45 seconds in the water, trouble started. The boat would barely plane off and get up to speed. Then the engine died once again from WOT. It kept giving me problems on the restart. I'd have to let the boat sit for about 3 minutes before it would turn over again. I towed it to the dock and let it sit for a couple of days.

    I decided to try my luck again in case my boat was just being moody with me. I was able to start the motor, but it kept idling really rough (hard to explain, the motor wasn't idling rough, but I could hear/feel the impeller vibrating a little), and sometimes stalling. Finally I towed the boat back to my trailer using my friend's 15hp fishing boat (what a nightmare). I was able to start my boat enough to load it onto the trailer, but there was definately something wrong.

    I lucked out and found a dealer 15 minutes from where I was vacationing, so I dropped the boat off there. I explained my situation to the dealer and they said it sounded like a wear ring problem.

    Now, I've read so many posts about wear rings, that I'm almost slightly confused. Here's what I think i know:

    1. If you're mechanically inclined, and want to save money, you can replace the wear ring yourself.

    2. If you don't mind spending $250 (seems to be the going price? let me know if anyone knows differently?), have the dealer do it.

    3. There are aftermarket Stainless Steel wear rings, but people do not recommend using them.

    The dealer is going to be calling me Friday with a diagnosis and an estimate. I'd like to be prepared when they do and not just sit on the phone and nod my head while they tell me I need to drop thousands of unecessary dollars fixing things that may not be broken (I know if they say they need to top off my headlight fluid I should drive down there and choke someone.)

    Anyways... if anyone can shed some light as to what I might expect and what I should know when they call, I would appreciate it.

    Basically I'd like to know what this wear ring replacement might run me...

    Also, on a side note... kind of ridiculous to be asking this questions but I see there are site links from this site to aftermarket accessories for mostly PWC. I can't seem to find anything relating to my JetBoat. Can anyone guide me to a site that might have some accessories (performance, or not) for my 2000 Speedster?

    Let me know if anyone has any info for me.


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    the oil you should be running is a tcw3 outboard oil, and not seadoo oil, after all its an out board engine bolted to a jet unit,
    mine gets a rattle down low as well
    check your compression first and see what you get, you can leave all your plug leads connected as you check but just remove the lanyard to stop the spark

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    have you tried a new battery? low voltage can do all kinds of weird things.

    not many options for jet boats....especially the merc powered ones. guys here with Rotax motors tend to just incorporate PWC mods with some creative work.

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    RIP 2000 Seadoo Speedster :(

    Got the call yesterday. My motor was starved of oil due to a blockage in an oil line. My one cylindar is toast, and the others are also damaged. Too much damage to be repaired. He started to explain a new power head to me. Here's how his explanation went:

    "Well, your motor has sustained some damage. We can do a new power head for you. It's a job that's 13.4 hours labor @ $89 /hr, which is around $1200, and the power head itself is .... let's see... well.... we can get you one for around.... $6000..."

    At that point, my jaw hit the floor.

    Looks like I no longer own a jetboat. There's no sense putting $8500 into a boat that's only worth $9500 @ best.

    Time to sell it on ebay for someone who might have some more money than I do.

    What's the phrase? The two best days of a boaters life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it? Well the day you get that phone call is the worst day. Hands down.

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    Oh CRAP!! Thats what I was afraid they where going to tell you. What I would do is have your guys check for a "rebuilt" powerhead and also do your homework and look around the internet for rebuilts. If yours cooked there has to be others also. There should be rebuilt units somewhere at half the $6000.00 for a new.

    Good Luck!

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