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    Need some cylinder rebuild advice

    Alright, since the Polaris gang is about the most helpful bunch on the planet, I thought I'd ask my question here. You can see my original thread here: Basically, my buddy's GP800 lost a cylinder while my wife was riding it.

    Nobody on the Yami board has replied to the original post so I thought the technical gurus here could point me in the right direction. Primarily I just need to know if there are any typical problems to look for on a Yami 800 engine with power valve. I know how to troubleshoot a dead cylinder but I need to know if there is anything specific that I should look for as the culprit?

    Thanks guys.


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    Pull the head and have a peak... Shoot some pics.

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    I had the same problem on the Yami boards but I agree pull the cylinder and I think it's nikasiled Also I have read that the power valves have issues and some need to use special clips to keep from drooping into the cylinders! however I just got mine and it's a non pv motor so this is just some guessing! Z
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    what they said.....................those nikasil bores need special treatment which, if its a powervalve engine, then im pretty sure its nikasil. you can tell right away when you pull it and its kinda light grey color and really, really smooth. you can damage a piston somtimes and the bore will still be perfect. id like to know how they sieze?

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