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    For Sale: 1997 Seasdoo Xp Hull W/ Many Evtras

    I bought a 1997 seadoo xp, and just on sunday I seized the motor. There was no premix oil reaching the rotary valve, and it locked up..I was only able to use the ski one time. The hull is in great shape..yellow and tears in the seat, no faded paint. Im looking and willing to sell alot of extras like the MPEM box, carbs, other electrical box, guages. If you are interested pm me here and I can send you some pics if needed..Im looking for around 500-700 for hull, but ask about the other parts..Looking to get rid asap. Will help out driving with delivery..1-845-234-8406

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    still up for sale?

    I would like a project ski...I am not loaded with money but this ski would fit my interests perfectly...where are you located and how much would you want for the entire pkg...I like to work on skis so this would be a great ski for me to ' set my sights on'...

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    If you still have it im very interested i want one of these skis. PM me all the info thanks!!!

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