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    Need help?? 96 slx 780 and 95 sl 750

    i blow them both up on vacation. the slx had about 6 hours on rebuild and i was still running premix in the tank. the pto has no compression. pulled the head and come to find a metal all over. pieces from the piston and from the cylinder wall. cant figure out why it did this. also i was riding my 95 sl 750 all weekend and ran great. took it out for a long ride ran great for about 1 hour then coming back from the other side of the lake she stalled on. thought i ran out of gas. to bad for me not the case. same thing no compression in the pto cylinder. kinda puzzling why they both did the same thing. that ski was regular pump gas with the oul injection. if anyone has any imput on why they did this could ya let me know thanks Ryan.

    P.S if i had to guess it would have something to do with lean fuel mixture. but thats just a guess.

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    i would have to start with the premix. what was the mixture?

    second would be the condition of the carbs and what were the mixture screws set at.

    but with both blowing up like that i would still go with mixture, maybe the oil pump went on the one with it still on...

    you could always pull the flame arrestor and see if you are getting any oil squirting into the carbs..

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    i was on my 2nd tank of gas and it was mixed at 50:1 plus the oil injection. no lack of oil there. thinking it was lean on gas? i will not know more on the 750 till i start pulling heads.

    Thinking of parting both skis as i just dont have the time to work on them. i just want to get a feel of what people need and what they are willing to give me. let me know. thanks Ryan

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    You have pictures??
    It will make it much easier to see if it's a lean running issue, bad crank, oil etc.

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    no i dont have any pics at the moment but i will take pictures tommorow when it is light out. thanks ryan

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    that's too bad, you had a nice pair. Oh wait that's what I have too. Put up them pics

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    ill send pics tommorow. yeah i know it was a nice pair they were really fun skis but i just dont want to keep dumping money into them anymore. i'm leaning more twards parting them out. so if anyone is interested in some parts let me know. thanks Ryan

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    here is pictures of the two skis. take a look and tell me what you think i can take pic of the cylinder wall from the slx. the wall is not scored but the bottom of the cylinder has two pieces that are cracked off. but from what i dont know. if you look at the piston. on the slx there are pieces cracked off of it. im thinking maybe i put a stock bore piston in a oversized cylinder. what are the stock bore size for a 780??? and on the sl 750 there is a hole in the piston. a fuel issue i assume. Ryan
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    no input???

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    you can check to see if you put a stnd. size piston in a oversized hole with feeler gauges.

    pop the piston pin out, pull the rings off the piston , insert piston into jug. piston should be at the very bottom of the cylinder.

    insert feeler gauges between piston and cylinder on one side only, in increaseing sizes until max value is found. then post results. ideal is around .004-.008"

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