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    Ultra LX or 15F?

    A friend is looking for a ski. Wants three seater. dependable, fuel efficient and affordable. Would the Ultra LX or STX 15F fit this requirement better? Also looking at Honda F12 non-turbo and Yamaha equivalent.

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    no response

    No feedback on the Ultra LX? Looks like it would be a good touring boat if performance is not the goal but how does it compare to the 15F or the Yamaha FX140 or the Honda F12?

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    go yamaha.

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    I have an LX top speed is 54-55 in the Florida summer. Tours great is very stable and will get 100+ miles to a tank when cruising and some WOT.

    Rides as good or the same as the two 250Xs (with wedges) we have it just does not have the same speed obviously.

    If you are wanting a cruiser with decent gas mileage, plenty of storage space then the LX is a great boat. If you want performance get something else.


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    Thanks. I think the LX would be a good choice for a recreational cruiser. However, my friend found a good deal on a used FX140 and double trailer yesterday and purchased it. $6,500 for a FX140 with 84 hours and a Triton LT double trailer both in excellent condition including all the accesories. I guess that was a good deal.

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