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    Fuel Additives....Any good?

    I dumped a bottle of a fuel injector/carb cleaner into a full tank of premix the other day, and either it made my ski run better or it was just a conincidence.

    The motor runs well, but somedays are better than others. Last weekend, the motor hesitated at anything other than full throttle and hot starting was a bigger problem than normal. But yesterday, the motor was so sweet throughout the entire throttle travel and the only definite change from one day to the other was the addition of the carb cleaner in the gas.

    Am I imagining anything? Just the nature of the beast? Or are there good products out there that make a difference?

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    I would imagine if you could find something to break up or clear the fuel passages and orrifices in the carbs it could help.

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    I ran Sea-Foam through my SLTX, and it helped a bunch.
    So much so, that I've run it through my skis every spring with the first tank of fuel.
    At the same time, I treat that as a break in period. It is after all a 2-stroke. So you have to consider it.

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    I really can't tell you how sweet the motor ran the other day. I spend a lot of time beating the hell out of it and it was like driving a different machine. Where I was used to it bogging down here and there, the throttle response was always there and really smooth and I had a lot more fun. The hot starts weren't as much of a problem either.

    I used the Super Tech brand at Walmart....3 bottles for $2.50...

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    Additives for cleaning are a good thing. I always put a can of seafoam into mine every year when I dewinterize it. Now as for Octane Booster Additives, these are not good for your ski. For a very good explaination to octane boosters and different fuels in general go to GroupK's site and read.

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    Your ski is running fat

    Too rich that is. Jetting and adjusters are off on the fat side. Any and all bikes would see a substantial gain if people could and would take the time to correctly dial the carbs or injection. Cleaner and so on have oxygenates therefore make the mixture leaner (mostly alchohol I think). Same thing in winter will make it not run like it is now.
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