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    Help with hookup, porpousing

    Hi everyone. I just picked up 2 skis for cheap, one is a 93 sp and the other is a 94 sp. When trying to make tight turns the 93 likes to slide sideways before finally hooking up. The 94 likes to do 360's if you try to turn any more than 10-15 degrees. The 94 has factory sponsons an the 93 doesn't. I usualy ride in 1-2 foot chop and have a hard time geting much speed without porpousing. What would you do to get better hookup, and a smoother ride? Ride plate, intake grate, sponsons? Thanks for your help!

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    does the 94 have adjustable sponsons?if it does you can raise or lower the to see if that makes ride better . as for the 93 i had an 04 yamaha xl750 that did the same thing and i adjusted the throw on the sterring cable to correct it.good luck!

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    did you adjust it to have a wider radius?

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    Re: likes to do 360's ...
    Hi jamescell, a friend from out of town has the same issues with his SP, and frankly it looks like fun, however, I think that the sponsons can be changed. I have a 'grabby' set on an XP and can pretty much turn on a dime in a flash. ( and can still soak my friend on his RXP...LoL)
    It's a simple task, but a little tricky reaching the bolts which are accessed from inside the hull. You will need an extension on the ratchet. If I recall, and when we had them off at one point, we used a little silicone on the sponson when putting them back on. (just an extra measure against leakage).
    If you haven't a VTS, a ride plate might help.
    Have a look around on the net for aftermarket parts.
    Also look up ' Aggresser Sponsons Sea Doo XP'92-96, SPX 93-98, SP All, SPI All '
    Good luck .)

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