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    Loose mirror on 07 FXHO Cruiser

    While cleaning water spots off of my 07 FXHO Cruiser I noticed that the top bolt that holds the mirror on was loose. When I tried to tighten it felt like the bottom nut is turrning. Does anyone know the best way to gain access to the bottom nut? Would I have to remove the console or is it through the access panel in the storage compartment?

    One other question. I also noticed that the base of the water tight compartment is loose. Is this normal or is there an attachment that holds it that may have loosened up?

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    re: FXHO loose waterproof compartment

    Hello Sleep'in and all other forum members;

    Thanks to all for this great forum, I have learned a lot here.

    I know this is an older post but I wanted to say that I have a FXHO also, to solve for the loose storage compartment , the fastest and simpest method I could find was to remove the seats, then purchase a roll of black sponge rubber air conditioner seal from the local hardware store, then cut about a 3" x 1/2" piece (1/2" thickness), then reach up into the underside of the steering gear area and gently tuck in the rubber piece to act as a vibration buffer. This piece should be between the right side of the compartment and the inner hull structure, then another piece can be inserted between the left side (outer) of the compartment and the side panel (the panel that supports the left mirror). This will give support to this compartment, it will not be rock solid, but it will work well for this problem. The service manual is of zero help in this area .

    It is not worth the trouble to try to remove all the steering and panel structure to get direct access to this storage compartment, in my opinion.

    For the mirror, there are three ss cap screws that attach it to the craft, the upper and lower are blind nut type, access through the front storage area, no need to remove any other panels for this. The middle screw is a through-bolt type with a lock nut. Be sure to use 242 loctite on the blind nut screw type. Good luck.

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