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Thread: Amp draw

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    Amp draw

    If I wanted to add a switched accessory to an '04 RXP that drew 8.6 amps, would that be an issue? No bugging into a "live wire" when running or anything, just a direct battery hookup ... fused feed, ground, and an on/off switch.

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    Electrical Accessories

    I think the output of the Magneto is about 30A, but this will be very rev dependent (being a Magneto!). 8A is a significant portion of this so you need to be careful you don't leave this load on un-necessarily.

    I have made a voltage dependant Relay in a box. The realy turns on when the engine is running, i.e. charging voltage is present accross the battery terminals. I have put a self resetting fuse in the box so that there's no need to mess around if the thing gets shorted - just remove the short and the circuit resets! The box is easy to wire in - just connect it accross the battery terminals and you're done.

    Another good point is that if the battery is going flat for any reason - like the charging system has failed, the load connected to it will switch off automatically to save power for essential items. You also have a good check that the charging system is working beore you set off

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    Do you have pics of this thing you made ?

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    Voltage sensitive relay

    I will get a photo for you - although there's not much to see - just a small plastic box with cables coming out.
    I was thinking of getting my son (are you reading this Ian_RXT - time to earn your keep?) to build some as a project this summer. Looking at various threads, I think this unit could be useful! Only trouble is we're based in the UK. The circuit board fits in a box approx 50 x 100 x 25mm.

    Out of interest, the next project I'm going to look at is an enhanced info centre so that I can more closely monitor what's going on in the 'Ski. I was looking at maybe two temperature redouts - with remote sensors you can position where you like - a voltmeter and a clock (so I can have the display they took away on the 05 models). I was going to put this on a small two-line LCD Display. If I could find a suitable sensor, it could also give a boost gauge function. This would supplement the current info centre and would be good for you guys who are making your own cool air intakes . Like anything, it's a case of fitting it in with my work schedule.

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    I would be in for buying one and I'm sure others would to. No pressure but now would be the time with everyone trying to figure out how to get a boost gauge going

    My trick is how to get these accessories working when you hook up the lanyard or start the ski. Nitro seems to know a thing or 2 but hasn't chimed in. sknypete has helped me out and I'm going to try to put a test light on the fuse (I guess on the back of them). Then see which one doesn't light until I put on the lanyard or start the ski.

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    One off Relay module

    I don't mind making you a one off, it's just how I could get it to you!
    I've looked at your threads and assume this is needed to operate your Hi Fi
    What my box would do is connect directly accross your battery.
    It would detect when you Engine is running and automatically switch a relay on.
    When the relay is on, a wire would go "live", which you would use to power your accessories.
    Similarly, as soon as your engine is cut, the relay would switch off , automatically.
    My box has a self-resetting fuse which takes care of circuit protection. This saves on wiring and also means that minimum connections are exposed to the water (we ride in the salt).

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    How bout' a "two off" for kinch and one for me I've got all kinds of plans for accessories but haven't decided how to wire it in, this makes more sense.

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    Voltage sensitive Relay

    ... if this does everything Kinch wants (as I think it will), I'll consider building a batch of them if there's enough interest - what do you think

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