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    15F Performance

    Well, I finally competed in my first race, LBC-Catalina. I was somewhat disapointed in the speed of the ski, but I think this had to do with the intake, I had the Worx maxiloader in, and the ocean was too damm flat! The two previous weeks of practice going to the island, it was pretty choppy, so the worx was great. However, who woulda known on race day, it would be FLAT there, and back. At one point I was WOT, thinking, can I go any slower!!!! My max speed was 60 MPH! That sucks..... My previous high with the stock intake was 63 MPH. I only have a few stock legal mods, so I'm not hitting the 68 MPH some have claimed with the 15F. Anyways, I wish I had a little more speed. Hopefully I can add a few more MPH to the ski, and remain stock legal.
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