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    2001 Polars problems

    I recently bought a 2001 polaris 1200. Took it out one time and got water in the motor. Was told by the shop they would have to rebuild motor. $1000 later i have a rebuilt motor, take it out for the first time runs good for about 2 hours and dies wont start. have replace spark plugs, took out for second time and now running about 30 hr and dies wont start. Any idea what would be causing this not to run? new to this, not sure what to do. PLEASE HELP Sorry had error on first post we only ran it about 10 min the second time. was running it abou t30 mph and it died.
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    Have you checked for spark?

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    2001 polaris problems

    Yes we checked the spark and its getting a spark, it tried to start but then wouldnt run. now it only turns over but just wont start.

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    Have you done a compression check? If so, what are your numbers? Do you know why the engine failed the first time?

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    We have not done a compression check. Dont really know to much about working on jetskis or motorcycles. the engine had to be rebuilt the first time due to the shop said there was water in the motor. we have had problems with it since we got it back.

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    Sorry to hear about your ski.

    I have a 2000 pro 1200, I haven't had much go wrong with mine but I quickly found out if it doesn't run it's usually one of three thing, Spark,Compression,or fuel, if you have all three it should run.

    Like the guys said check the compression if all okay, then check to make sure you are getting fuel to the carbs.

    What sort of spark you getting - blue or orange?

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    getting a blue spark, whats the best way to check the compression?

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    Compression tester, it's a gauge that screws into where your plugs goes.

    Are you getting a spark from all three HT leads?

    If you are getting spark from all three, then check your fuel lines on your carb. You can always take the filter off get some gt85 or similar ,hit the start button open the throttle and start spraying see if it fires up from the gas in the spray. I do this to start mine as I have disconnected the choke and haven't got round to fitting my primer.

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    i only checked 1 like a dumb... ok i will get a compression tester tonight and do that and check the spark on all 3.

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    Man make sure you gotta good battery-my buddies 1200 Genesis was giving us fits w/spark probs and it was the friggin battery!

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