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    Ski tracking to the left.


    My ski seems to pull to the left.
    I have to steer a little to the right, to get it to run straight.
    It's not a question of adjusting the cables for the steering(they are in tune).

    Any ideas?


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    Welcome Morten to the GH forums.

    If you want answers, it would be wise to provide more details such as ski model, at what speeds, what kind of water, what mods you have, and as many details as possible.

    The more you provide, the more ideas that will generate.

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    Right you are!

    15F, Stock.
    IN all kinds of weather/speed, the ski pulls to the left!

    My guess is something with the rideplate or the "Sponsors". but everything seems true and straight.


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    I would try adjusting your steering cable, I have an 06 and from the time I bought it brand new, as the hours were put on it the more i had to steer to the right till I adjusted the steering cable, it streches and needs to be adjusted, you can adjust it in the back or up front , there are 2 adjustments on the cable.

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