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    Max RPM

    Hi All

    Just got a brand new 15F a weeke ago.
    Got about 6 hours on her til now.
    Acording to the book, she will go to redline 8000 RPM, but mine can only spin the prop to 7000 RPM.

    Am I still in the "break in" periode?

    The first 4 hours I was very gently, doing a textbook break in!
    The last 2 hours I have been on the throttle(full) for no more than 30 sec. at a time.
    It will go to 7000 RPM in no time.

    The ski is stock!

    Regards Morten

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    It should gain RPM's as it breaks in, In stock form it supposed to make 160hp@7500rpm

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    Sorry to piggy back, but we just rebuilt our 2001 Ultra 150. In break in period too... at quick bursts under WOT, it is around 6 to 6.5k, redline is 8k? Will this improve over time? Thanks.

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    It should turn arround 7k depending on what your impeller you are running and how tight the pump is shimmed. You may see some gains as it breaks in.

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