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    Unhappy Impeller, And Pump....d.o.a.!!

    After Sucking up rocks through my impeller and through the pump I learned a valuable leason $$$$ this past weekend.. If you see your Ultra turning 7940 RPM and your GPS is reading 63.9 your prolly In some Deep Sh-t!!$$ John
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    Get it in here juice and we'll get it fixed up for you.

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    Thumbs up Thanks Dave!!

    WOW! lol Thanks Dave, that save's me a phone call in the morning, I will be ripping it down Wendsday, and Next day air it to you, Travis Church highly recommends you guys, Says it might even come back better then the New System!! lol The Veins will need to be welded and ground, the Impeller will nee the Pitch Gage on it! Thanks Dave!! Big John Zubak..Detroit Mi.

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    I'm turning about the same RPM's, and hitting 68mph indicated on dash, no GPS yet. I've sucked drift wood on two different occasions. First one, I had to remove the pump, because the wood was wedged in too tight. The seconded time I just banged in out with my trucks lug nut wrench, by the way I tried the same banging technique the first time. My guess is if I put a GPS on it I would probably be in the same boat as you. Iíve probably damaged my impeller with the banging technique but heck it still runs fine. Iíll send my impeller to impros when the seasons over.

    63.9mph seems about right for most stock ultras. Do you really think you have a impeller problem

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    Right now I can visually see damage to the veins where the "C-CUTS" are in the front of the pump, As for the prop "One blade has a small bend, I'll know more when it's in my Paws!!

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    Do you need help...umm, maybe a play by play on how to get it out...or maybe a detailed lesson on how to keep rocks out of your prop! lol

    I owed you one.

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    Good news is that your sending it to the right guy. Also it does not sound bad at all.

    Easy fix with return results better then when it was new. He'll check for any casting flaws and buzz it up to be smooth and aligned. You'll be glad you sucked up a rock.

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    I'll second what Skip just said !


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    You're welcome John.

    Wow, you guy's are too kind. Thanks for the nice words.

    Have a great day!

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    Ok glad someone else has done this Looks like I'll be calling ya too. suck up some gravel while trying to trailer it in some serious chop. oops. nothing like having 5 hours and already pulling the pump.
    can I just send in the prop and pump together? Thanks and did not mean to h-jak.

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