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    Help with Fiberglass... 6oz cloth or 45+- Biaxial Mat

    Any Fiberglass Experts out there?

    Called up West Systems Epoxy, and they recommended using 6oz woven cloth to build up the layers lost in the delamination.

    I was reading that biaxial mat is more stiff than using layers of woven cloth because it has the fibers oriented at 45 degrees and also has a layer of 3/4 oz mat underneath

    What do you think I should go with. Follow the West Guys advice or take the proactive choice and go with something a little stronger?

    Need help please...

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    When I did fiberglass work with my dad in his shop woven was the way to go for a stronger hull ,but you can get woven and chop in one which would make a clean finish,woven at the bottom,chop at the top and not as much sanding will need to be done for the finish work.

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    So what your saying is that the chop is easier to sand than the woven?

    I believe I am going to still have to do a bit of fairing as well seeing as some areas more fiberglass is missing than others.

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    the woven will leave a pattern in the repair. I use layers of woven and mat on hole repairs. If you have enough thickness to build up I would start with woven and straight epoxy, then mat with some microfibers mixed in the epoxy. then finish with fairing additive in epoxy, it's made to be shaped and sanded, all the other stuff is so hard you will need a grinder to shape it. btw, the West tech people do know what they are doing...

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    So can't i just go straight from the woven cloth straight to the fairing compound. I would have to fair the entire repair then right? Is that what your saying.

    So the mat will yield a better finish that will allow me to do less with the fairing compound right?

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    It going to take a alot of work to get it straight and smooth and also even.That micofiber is great for filler of low spots also a good plain sander will work great and a stronge fan to blow the fiberglass dust away from you when sanding.

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