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    Which Spark Plugs for GP1300R

    I think I need to replace my GP1300R spark plugs. Something similar to factory.

    1. What brand should I buy?
    2. What is the average price?
    3. How to I remove them?

    Thanks for all the help this forum has helped me soo much already and I appreciate any feedback.

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    the OEM plugs are made by NGK BR8ES-11

    Removing the plugs are easy.

    tools needed:
    3/8 ratchet
    13/16" spark plug socket

    Also gap & torque back to proper specs.
    18 lbs torque, gap spec 0.39-0.43

    As for price, I think about $2.00 a plug roughly......

    Look in my signature below and download you the GP1300R Service Manual to your hardrive. It has alot of good helpful information on your GP1300R PWC.

    Here is a good thread over spark plugs

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