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    Superjet pump differences for different years

    I'm in the process of putting together a modified big bore Raider engined Superjet, its a 93, and I'm looking at the plastic pump shoe/pump inlet, and also the plastic nozzle with bilge restriction after the pump. It looks like a big blister with a hole thru it, and surely it is restrictive. Do any of the later years, or maybe the metal 94 Blaster nozzle fit? Just wanting to get the most of the work we have done to the engine. Thanks for any comments.

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    go to,,,, much more standup friendly, u will find an answer there

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    If your going with a high HP motor and a winged intake you will need a trust me. As in the jet outlet you are talkin about yes any will work as long as its from a 144mm pump so the 94 Blaster part you said would work just fine

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