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    Exclamation Need some help really quick...

    I am getting ready to change the oil and have only a quess as to where the oil filter(housing) and the water hose inlet are....

    I am assuming the connection with my ski and hose is a tube a little larger than a garden hose in the stern in the far upper left hand corner of the impeller area, actually the farthest "tube" in that entire area to the upper left.... right or wrong???

    The oil filter is apparently in a housing somewhere in the beast that is my engine... I followed the oil line that I would add oil to, the one with a yellow twist off cap down about 6" to a small box, can't be more than 4"x6" with three torx screws on it.... is this where I need to go to get to my oil filter????

    Just looking to save myself a few bucks and this is my first attempt at it with little jet ski engine knowledge running my stupid ambitions.... and don't forget my friend who said it was easy and is out of town and not answering his phone!!!

    Thanks for anyone who can save me on this one.....

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    Yes, the tube on the upper left in the rear of the ski is the place to hook the water line too. It has a standard female hose thread on it.

    The oil filter is at the rear of the engine on the right just forward and lower than the throttle body. There is one torx screw holding the round cap on. Remove the cap with care and watch out for the o-ring. The yellow cap in the front is to add oil to the system. You have to suck the old oil out with a oil-buddy or drill pump. Look for threads about changing the oil and filter.

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