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    Be Careful in Palm Beach, FL

    If you ride in Palm Beach, Florida you need to read this.,4554602.story

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    "We've had a lot of problems on the lake. People have been going crazy out here," Deputy Pat Tenety told Ed Roque, 44, of Lake Worth, after stopping him for laying on his stomach across his watercraft as he zipped along Lake Osborne.
    I can see writing tix for people who speed in no-wakes, people who don't have PFD's, etc... but for playing superman? They gave him a warning, but still.

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    Im sure they consider it wreckless riding??? But the funny this is half the boat owners out there are drunk and not being bothered???

    I would love to see a cop try and give me a ticket for riding superman! I love to jump the cops wake on lake sammamish! Also love racing them on there skis

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    Quote Originally Posted by r33pwrd View Post
    But the funny this is half the boat owners out there are drunk and not being bothered???
    Yup, this burns my ass! Everyone on the boats over the age of 14 has a beer in thier hand and they pull us over with no cause.

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    Honestly, I'd expect to be pulled over if I was in a high-traffic area riding superman style. It's NOT a safe riding position, you have limited visibility to your front and you are not able to maneuver quickly if you need to. It's a different story if you are riding in an open stretch of water with no one else around.

    I do agree that they will pull a PWC over for a safety inspection while drunk boaters zip by all over the place. They are lucky we haven't figured out how to mount torpedoes on our skis.

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    doesnt surprise me a bit as lake osborne and lake ida are really not that big compared to the waters i ride in now and in general south florida is busting at the seams with people so its fair to assume that the lakes and canals feel the pressure too. and with these pwc's that we have now that are capable of doing 60+mph riding like a stunt man on a lake that is only slightly bigger than a good size pond isnt very smart and this is exactly why i moved from south florida

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