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    2007 GTi SE 155???

    I currently own a 2005 GTX SC and a 1996 GTX. The '96 is getting a little long in the tooth (two top-end rebuilds, cylinder replacement, new crankshaft, etc.) and I am interested in replacing it with a 4-stroke. However, I don't want to give up the ease with which my '96 GTX can spin 360s (actually, the kids love this) and slide. My 05 GTX SC is a stable towing and cruising beast, but, unhooking it from the water is a real chore and this is not its forte. I hear the GTi has a different hull than the GTX and is more suitable for sliding and spinning. Is this true or merely a marketing statement?

    I've done nothing with the '05 4-Tec other than change the oil/filter and look forward to 4-stroke reliability in both my boats. Is the GTI SE a good choice for 4-stroke spinning and sliding machine?

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    I think they handle great. I own Both the GTI-SE 155 and 130. My brother inlaw owns 2 RXT's and I can out corner him and slide better. I ride his RXT and the GTI seems more stable too.

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    How does your 155 compare to the RXT? Is it night and day for acceleration or top speed? is it close?

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    My brother inlaws RXT has a about a 6 mph top speed advantage, he pulls on me only at the top end tho

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