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    best intake grate???

    looking for the best all around intake grate for an 07 rxt?? ski is all stock but would like a litte extra traction on the chop!! and a mph or 2 would not hurt either... thanks for input..

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    This is ALL personal preference, and some folks will say leave the OEM grate on.

    I've run the OEM, R&D, and now Riva.

    IN MY OPINION AND FOR ME, either one is better than the OEM

    I think the R&D is a little more aggressive than the Riva, if you are looking for:
    most stability= R&D.
    little more top speed and stable= Riva

    (btw, welcome to the big disfunctional family)

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    I wouldn't get the riva one. Its broken twice on my ski, taking the rideplate with it....

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    well i knew it wouldnt be long untill big johnson started to get the itch for mods, he's just never content and always trying to out do his big brother and for the first time in i dont know how long i am going to let him be the guinea pig so mod on brother

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