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    will this work ???!?!!??

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    I can't believe there is not more interest from a few more peeps to have the real deal on hand.

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    i thought the roots SC was a sealed unit.. cant drain or fil oil into it??

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    The oil will last for hundreds of hours, the only reason to replace it is if it leaks.

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    I didn't say anything because I just dont know. Haven't needed it yet.

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    well lets say i would lik eto change it would this gm supercharger oil work ?

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    i don't know, maybe if you can get your hands on some really good info about the oil's specs, cert.'s and contents.......

    my s/c oil was low from the factory and kawi had to send "special oil" for it. But i know there is a dipstick.

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    I Dont See How It Could Hurt It It Is Supercharger Oil Right !? Who Did You Cal To Get The Oil From Kawi ?

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