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    Ditr Tracking Boat Hahahaha!!!!!!

    if anyone wants a boat that dirt tracks ( turns the OPPOSITE way you want to turn like a power slide on a quad) then i got just the answer for you. BOB1988 bolted up some mods to his ski and as you can see from the following pics if you buy opas block offs with the skegs welded on in the WRONG spot your boat will DIRT TRACK and handle like SHIT & SCARY at HIGH SPEEDS. check these out. BOB1988 installed them at his crib then we compared them to mine after we almost CRASHED this bad boy on our FIRST test runs these are on (2) different 2007 RXP's. the ones in the RIGHT spot on my boat are fine:

    BOB WRONG ONES (with RIVA Insignia on side of them) are WELDED on in the lower bend and are WRONG!!!!
    Others on my boat are welded on in the TOP BEND and are right!!!
    Be careful fellas they are scary and can hurt you bad due to VERY BAD HANDLING if you get a BAD SET i PROMISE!!! Sending these back ASAP.
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    YESTERDAY FIRST TEST 7/22/2007/first time out with the following kit & 2007 RXP:
    Stock Intake Grate
    Riva S3 Supercharger and Housing
    42lb Injectors
    Riva Rear 4" Intake
    Riva Valve Spring Kit
    Steel Supercharger Bearings
    Steel Washers
    I drilled the Supercharger Housing for Extra Oil (thanks Jerry great thread)
    Stock Prop
    Stock Wear Ring
    Oil Catch Can
    Stock Water Box w/Stage X CUSTOM Pipe (see Stage X Custon Exhaust Thread hahaha)
    Riva Rear Exhaust Thru Hull Outlet
    Pro Opas Block Off Inner/Outer w/SKEG WELDED IN WRONG SPOT
    68.9 gps @ 8240/8260 RPM all day and was way squirrly & somewhat out of control.

    FRESHLY TESTED TODAY 7/23/2007!!!!!!!!!! we just retested BOB1988's boat with the following addtions to the above kit:
    Riva 15/19R prop
    Turned Wear ring around in pump for max seal & NEW CUT IN
    Riva Intake Grate
    73.3/73.4 with two different GPS @ 8120 RPM

    My question is i measured prop pitch BEFORE i put it in today and its @ 10MM can i add 1MM or 2MM of pitch and LOWER RPM to 8000 to 8020 and get MORE SPEED????????????

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    Who did the weld job? Those are very tricky to get straight, not just weld and go... I worked on mine for a looong time so they wouldn't hunt at slow speeds and scrub speed up top. If you feel them pulling AT ALL, you're scrubing speed .

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    thanks Alex thats what they were doing when we had the ones on that were welded in the wrong spot and then we attached a GOOD set that i had on my 2007 RXP welded in the RIGHT spot (TOP BEND BEING THE RIGHT SPOT) and it came out of it plus the other few things we did as well like the prop and wear ring turn around for the seal to the NEW prop.

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