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    New RXP'S 10 hour Service

    I read a lot through out the pwc message boards about the frustration of only getting 7600-7800 rpm's out of the RXP. Maybe Hulk should set up a "checklist" for people to read: Oil level, elevation, knock sensor update, 92-93 octane, and etc. If anyone has seen the "buds program" for the 10 break in period it will tell you the rpm's scale during the first 10 hours on a graph. IMO Sea-Doo "retarded" the timing break-in period on a lot of the 04 RXP's during the first 10 hours. I wonder if this an oversight on my part, or just my imagination? Anyway, I think the everone is agreed upon that the pistons start to really break in around 30 to 50 hours. What do guys think

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    I would have to say That I think the timing was altered a little on my ski before the 10 hours. I felt my ski was faster after the 6 hour mark and the 9 hour mark. It might be me but I did feel something.


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