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    Won't run...wire was toasted

    I have a 96 SL780 that the dash was not working so I changed the fuse with a 1/4 amp from radio shack and it started to work. Took out the ski and ran it for about 1 minute started to stall out then 10 seconds later dead in the water. When I got home I started looking around and the black wire which is running out of the electrical box (center wire surrounded by 5-6 other wires which runs under the engine) has the wrap looking like it got VERY hot all the way back..literally melted the black casing? Any clues to why or how to fix?

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    Check your main ground large wire.

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    busa, I'd also like to say WELCOME!! It sure sounds like a ground connection is poor somewhere along the way.

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    Thanks for the tips but right now that wire loom is shot. Where should I start looking to get another. I mean it is in BAD shape broken wires and full melt down.

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    Welcome to the Hulk. Do you Ebay?

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    yes...what should i search for?

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    From the sounds of it, it may be your stator. Can you post a pic to verify that is it? You'd be able to use a 750 or 780 stator if it is.

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    OK I am finally ready to start fixing my ski....I hope.
    Here are the pics could someone identify what my problem might be and I will do a search as far as how to fix it....thanks
    Sorry the pics are so small. What I am trying to show is the wires coming from the top of the electrical box are fried
    all the way under the engine to. The casing was burnt off. There is a center wire and six wires surrounding it.

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    The burned wire(s) run from the electrical stator at the front of the engine, all the way to the electrical box. The most likely cause of this is a bad connection between the battery negative and the heavy wire to the engine block. Check that wire for corrosion. It must be a solid, clean electrical connection to the engine.

    The fix is to remove and replace the electrical stator. You MIGHT be able to splice in new wires, but for reliability a replacement stator is probably the way to go.

    If you haven't already, download the 1992-1998 Service manual.

    You can use the Polaris part number cross reference to see what years and models use the same stator as your 1996 SL780. (You can confirm your model year with the last two digits of the HIN on the rear deck).

    There might have been a CDI+stator update kit for your model year. If there is, that is what you want. You can check whether you already have the update, using the part number on the CDI module.

    Read the Service manual, search for info on the update kit, the procedure for removing the flywheel, and regarding the engine ground wire.

    Not sure why your pictures are so small. When posting (Advanced mode), click on Manage Attachments, then browse to your photos on your computer. Upload the pictures, then preview your post. Full resolution pictures should then be clickable underneath your post. Click on the thumbnail photo to verify, then click BACK to your Preview, click Submit.
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    Here are bigger pics.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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