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    ultra 250 weight limit !?

    ok just out of curiousity i ran 4 people on my ultra 250 yesterday not for fun i had to transfer some people whos boat broke down about a mile and 1/2 across the bay the riders weights were with me included about 570 lbs ..... could i have or possibly caused harm to my baby ? after driving around about 5 min after by my self felt fine! ... just curious ..thanks

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    No problemo unless you flipped and ingested water.. with 570lbs. it runs just like a regular ski.

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    Lol, youll be fine, I made a beer run for some folks on saturday, I had 4 1/2 cases of beer, a six pack of Sparks some shooters(that was in the front storage and a volley ball, and the tray fit back in there ) , and 2 chics on the back, ill have to say it was loaded.

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    damn harry, now that's just braggin!!!

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