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    Well, 3 oil changes, 3 oil filters and i think she ready to go again!!

    On the weekend i had a little problem happen! My coupler got blown off the thru haul, therefore practically sinking my machine, thanks to a couple GPR guys(thanks guys) and there moral support along with cracking a couple sea-doo jokes lol!! they helped me out in getting her a float again on the rocks. It filled up to my intake and i really didnt know the extent of the water damage. So i eventually got it home to find out my SC, intake and motor had A LOT of water in it!. So i stared by sucking out all the oil and changing the filter, cleaning out the Riva intake and filter, and started changing the oil and running it on the hose , then again , then again and finally by the 3rd oil change i took her out for her first run on the water since what happened. Well at first it ran like crap cause i think the coil packs had a bit of moisture in them. Then all of a sudden it cleared up and she runs like a champ. Now alls i have to do is 2 more oil changes with the good oil cause i was runnin Quaker 10W40 for the throw away stuff and i wanna run it out. So 2 more with the good stuff and i think im back to normal again. Man what a pain in the ass but im glad its over with hopefully. Any suggestions would help or ideas , did i do everything right? RPMS are at 8160-8180 and holeshot is good i only did one. Also i got a nice tip from a couple great mechanics sea-doo and offshores they recommended i put about 2-3 cap fulls of pure varsol in the oil to clear out the moisture, milkyness on the heads and break up the water and get rid of any water that would have gotten into the crevaces of the motor, it worked awesome and saves time!! Im sure some of you already know that.

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    Sinking Feeling

    You may want to put some extra clamps on them hoses.
    And maybe a big cork to put in the exhaust to keep the water out.
    Maybe a co2 powered flotation device for your boat a big one.
    Oh and you might want to name it something catchy now like Posidin, Titanic or I know The Edmund Fitzgerald.
    And by the way you know the next morning there were some divers in jetski bay and I thought we may have lost you. Well I could go on and on but the fact is Im glad everything is Ok If you didn't get fixed there wouldn't be any real compition out there for us. See ya this weekend.

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    Never, glad you saved your ski! you pretty much have it covered...

    I carry a tennis ball in the storage compartment incase the exhaust starts leaking...PR...

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    Carry A Tennis Ball With You It Will Plug That Hole.=d>

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    Awesome guys thanks!!!

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    Just take this in mind, there can still be some water in your ignition coils, take the rubber off them and the plastic shelf and spray them with some electronicspray as soon as possible.

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