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    Fuel Warning/ Level

    OK, so I run my ski until it starts beeping, usually put it on the trailer and go fill up or call it a day. I've only ever filled up with 11 gallons (maximum). I was talking to a friend who used to own one and he said the warning beep is WAY off and that it holds 16 gallons of fuel.

    Gp1300r how much does it hold? how do I adjust the warning beep so its only a couple gallons?

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    The tanks are 16 gal.The low fuel comes on at 5 gal left.I know it sounds like alot left,but when you ride a river like myself and are 30 miles away from load in ramp 5 gallons is what it takes to get back.

    The buzzer is only annoying until you hit the button to turn it off.I like leaving it on,it makes the people you drive by think your ski is about to explode.

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