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    Can't figure this out GP1200R

    The other day, my throttle cable started to stick and I can't figure out what to do.

    After riding and getting the ski warmed up, my throttle cable sticks. When I pull the throttle, there is slack in the cable between the finger throttle and the pully. From the other side of the pulley there is plenty of tension. I can stick my finger in and push on that side to get the pulley to turn back and put tension on the throttle cable (I can also turn the pulley by hand to get the tension back ... the pulley is very stiff to turn). If I get the ski started while this is going on and go nice and slow up to WOT, there is no sticking of the throttle at all. Once I stop riding and let it sit for a little while, though, it sticks again. I I don't touch it and come back the next day, there is no stuck throttle.

    So: The throttle only sticks if the ski has been run for a while and then left for a little while longer.

    Getting it started with the stuck throttle and then taking it out gets rid of the sticking until the ski is left for a little while again.

    Anyone ever had this happen? Know whats wrong, or what I should do?


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    Do some searches. There are a few post about this. I have had this problem on and off for a while myself. From what I understand, there are some bushings of sort in the carb with the wheel you speak of. As your engine heats and cools, these bushing expand and contract.
    You will have to pull the carbs and change those bushings for it to stop. You may be able to pull the rod from the carbs and clean it up a little with emery cloth. Not sure it this is a good idea or not.
    I spray mine well with lubricant and it will not happen again for a few months. Every time I have had my pipe off, it was for something else and I keep forgetting about this problem. This will be one of those winter projects.

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    Does anyone know what exact parts I will need to fix this? I've been looking at the service manual and I don't see anything showing the parts on the wheel going down into the carb. Does that wheel just screw out of the top of the carb?

    Do I have to pull the carb in order to fix the problem?

    I've got about 72hrs on my ski .... if I do have to pull the carbs, should I just try and rebuild them while I've got them off?

    I was just back at the lake this weekend and no amount of lubricant is helping. My first ride of the day is great, but as soon as I stop for a little while it takes quite a while to get it back running again.

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