hey all,
today while racing i was in secound with an rxp battling me behind me, my plan was to start wide then swing it tight and tap the buoy, i did all this but while taping the buoy the rxp behind me went to hug it tight then relase wide and instead of doing that he missed the buoy and came out of the water a little bit and the side/bottom of his ski hit across the top of my bow and hood.he went up and spun upside down and i just went flying. both of us walked away untouched and finshed the race. thankfully. both have minor hull damage though. i dont think that would have done it but i noticed after t hat happened my ski was running funny. i finshed the race, it was the last moto so i went to load my ski up. While waiting for my trailer i shut it off then when i went to start it back up it wouldnt start. Usually i press the button for less then a secound and it fires up. it was just turning over so i gave it some gas and worked the throttle and it started and ran real rough. now that im home i can get it started buy giving it gas but it will bog out 2-3 secounds after started. If I give it gas it stays running but as soon as i let it go it konks out. While running it has alot of white smoke out of the exhaust. anyway i finshed secound overall against 4 rxps and a xp.