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    removing drain plugs on an XLT

    I got big hands, and they don't really fit where the drain plugs on the XLT are at (what a STUPID design!!!).

    Whats the best tool to use to loosen/tighten the drain plugs on these things?

    They need to supply a ratcheting drain plug wrench... hah.

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    This is really a PITA! My hands just dont fit in there and I haven't been able to find a good tool to use yet. A wrench works, but its slow and makes me just want a punch a hole in the back of the #$(@ thing!

    Man what a stupid location!

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    Check out Lowes or somewhere like that for some sort of racheting universal size wrench.... just a thought. You might try some silicone lube on the plug threads too, so when you start losening them they turn easier; I use my fingers once they are spinning well.

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    Thought I'd update this year old thread.

    I recently put on an R&D ride plate... WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS SOONER@!#

    This fixes most of the "hard to reach drain plug" problem!!

    R&D needs to use this as a selling point.
    I'd buy/install the plate just for this reason alone!

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    Yeah I am a knuckle dragger too and I have come to realize that they are a PITA!!! I just changed out my rideplate and it still sucks!!!

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