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    p 1517 error code!!!

    What does this mean? I had battery trouble yesterday, or I think that was the problem, anyhow it started when I went to start and got nothing, wiggled battery wires, it started...but no trim indicator or I get nothing even when I wiggle...reads 'sensor' on button five times and get 'p 1517'

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    it also idled high at 2200, then returned to normal, twice more i had to wiggle wires, but later it would crank every time but still no trim...

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    Seems 05 rxp are prone to ecu going into rxt mode - Mine did the same thing - seems a dealer trip is needed to reset it. I'm changing to a riva ecu so I'll have them reset the stock ecu then activate the riva - If anyone knows a fix for the 05's please chime in.


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    I have the same code and problem on my rxt, it all started after battery cables came loose, now i even have a 0.0 ft depth gauge reading on my dash that i never had before. just waiting till i have time to spend at dealer to reset it.

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    yup, buds needed, but I never tried disconnecting the batt several times to see if it would switch back, mine did this after a S3 riva ecu activation.

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    just go to the dealer and let them reset the whole thing. it should take them a couple of minutes and all is ok again.
    I had it on mine because the dealer tried the RIVA ECU and after reconnecting the original one, thats what happened. it is no problem at all, relax
    if the dealer tells you it is difficoult or costs an arm and a leg, llok forone who knows what he does and is not ripping people off.
    have fun

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