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Thread: Beers and Boats

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    Beers and Boats

    I just purchased a speedster the other day and im just looking to find out what the laws are about drinking on the boat.

    I know the driver cant drink and drive but can the other people on the boat drink? Or can you all drink if you are anchored? Or is it just against the law to have it on board period?


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    Try this USCG link for some info

    I believe state laws also apply which vary from state to state. It takes less alcohol to diminish reaction times on the water, be careful as enforcement becomes more strict each year and many accidents are alcohol related. Dehydration will really become an issue after a few beers on the water under the hot sun.

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    Yeah you need to check your local laws on that as the change for state to state and even county to county, or parish where I live.

    Personally I never drink anything while out of the water. I need to be a shape as possible to avoid all of the other idiots on the water here. Very rarely do we bring any beer on the boat with us at all.

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    Here in Canada, other passenger can drink while you coast, driver can drink when anchored, BUT....roads laws apply if you take back the steering wheels afterward, so if the driver drinks he must do it very conservatively to stay under the tolerance of alcool allowed in blood.

    Enforcement are serious about it, AND IT'S OK....water is not a place (neither the roads are) to be drunk....if you ever have to make an survival technique....or try to save someone's life when just wouldn't fit.

    Here we have the OBLIGATION to help someone in troubles on the water, it relates to the criminal code of the law if you do not stop to help, so it's a good thing to keep your ideas clear in case it happens...!

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