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    my gpr is fouling plugs after a couple minutes??

    Hi, i own a 2005 gp1300r and i was riding the other day it was running fine then it just died..i changed the plugs ran it the next day for a couple minutes and it is bogging real bad and will only get up to 28 mph..i flushed out the motor with the water hose and got to the river and it would not start. i took the ski home and pulled the plugs and it has water on them. i am pretty sure it has a blown head gasket but i figured i would see what you guys think..thanks alot -jarred

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    Exclamation Oh No...!!!

    First up welcome aboard mate..

    Next when you "flushed the ski on the hose" did you have the engine running..???

    Gotta tell you i've been there, done that..!!! NOT GOOD partner..!!

    If you have done this then.....
    What you need to do is get the water out that engine pronto..
    Pull the spark plugs out ALL OF THEM..!!
    Then spin it over in 5 second bursts.. NOT any longer.. you don't need to add a burnt out starter to your problems..!!
    Next get a compression tester on it to see what the story is.. do this with the throttle held open..
    a cable tie is handy here or string..!!

    Once you have some compression readings post up the results mate..

    I must emphasize the need to get the water out NOW...
    If its left in there it'll kill your crank... i.e. rust up the bearings..

    Good Luck with this


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