I have been running a top speed of around 64.8 @ 7,560 for about a month now with a full tank of gas. Empty, I run around 65.5 @ 7,690rpms. The barometer has been around 29.0 for amonth now and I am at 800ft. elevation with a lake temp of 84 degrees. My lake is very rough and today was no exception with 2-3 lake slop. Normally, when I jump out of the water I catch a bogus high rev of 8,100rpms. When this happens, it normally means that the engine was running free for a moment and it hit its maximum rpm.

Today, however, the barometer went to 30! The ski ran like it was on fire and hit a top and constant rpm of 7,850 several times! Unfortunately, it was too rough to get a GPS on it. One time after a very rough run, I noticed that I hit 8,360rpms on my max rpm screen. This is the first time this has ever happened. I realized at that moment, my Ultra could be capable of hitting 70 sometime in the distant future!

I am a no B.S. old fart with a black belt who loves to race the young guys at their own game in the rough stuff. Today I ran 7 RXTs and 2 RXPs, all good drivers, and I am 9 and 0!! This ski is just incredible in the rough stuff. Today, with the extra 300rpms it started to scare me. Wow, what a rush! Not to start a major argument here but, when I see posts about RXTs beating an Ultra in the slop... I say, "Bring it on baby!" Oh and BTW, I have a stock RXT and it is one of the fastest on my lake and it runs 64.9mph on a good day. When I here people who live in Florida saying their stock RXT runs 67mph in 90 degree weather, I just say these people want attention!

I am curious to know what sustained top rpms members are getting and what is their bogus-jump-out-of-the-water rpm... please?