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    MFD - Fuel Guage

    I have a 94 SL 750. I was riding today, with a perfectly functional MFD when I left the dock. When I looked down while riding, I noticed that the Fuel bars had all disapeared. It was displaying a full tank 5 min earlier. Now only the fuel displays nothing. However, the MFD does not flash fuel warning. Does anyone know what could cause this? Open circuit between tank and MFD? MFD died? I'm thinking if it would be an open circuit, would that register as no fuel, and the MFD should flash Fuel?


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    Yes a open circuit will display zero fuel. I just went thru the same situation on my 1995 SLT. The black wire was cut. If you want to verify the MFD put a 33 ohm resister across the pink and black and the MFD should read full.

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