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Thread: My tach reads

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    My tach reads

    7300+ RPMS with a 14/20 DY. I checked it twice yesterday and I got the same numbers both times. Didn't pay attention to the stock bar tach but the tiny tach commercial has been working pretty good. I will check that tomorrow. Only change I made from last time out at 7145rpms was I tossed on a 800 grate.

    Is this even possible? What type of speed numbers are people pulling on 14/20 DYs anyways with this kind of RPM?

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    My 1200 hit 75.8 on a 75 degree morning at 7310 with the 14-20. 1200 grate.

    Now it has a 14-22 with an 87 nozzle running mid 74s but a great holeshot. Temps are now in the mid 90s with 70% humidity.

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