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    94SL MFD - Question about turning off

    I just got my MFD to work after 2 seasons of it not working. Bad fuse in the box. If you need the fueses I found ones that music stores sell for AMPS for electirc guitars in 5 pack for like $5 or on Ebay.

    My question I read over the manual and does the clock stay on all the time on unit? I just would like to know if because is does not turn off. I left in on for a hour. I do not want it to kill the battery. Also how can a trick the oil sensor to say full? I have a block off installed and oil is full but it keeps on flashing telling me low.



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    Yes the clock stays on. It will take many years with the clock displayed to kill your battery. Think of it as a watch on your wrist.

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    thanks, I wanted to make sure since it never worked since I owned it.

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    As for a quick fix on the oil level sender, take a ziptie and move the float to the top. Put the ziptie right under the float to keep the float at the top.

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    As for a more permanent and fancy fix, cut the wires to the oil sender and solder in a 33 OHm resistor. Make sure you use some heat shrink tubing while your at it.

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    I like the second method as I've seen the tie come loose after constant use and abuse.
    Very good idea about the shrink tubing as you don't want water to corrode the wiring leading to the electrical box.
    I've thought it is possible for the water to "wick" its way into the box.
    I'm not sure about water but I've seen it happen to MBZ transmissions.

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