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    Stage 1, pops out of the water?

    Hey guys, Im no mech, I have a Stage one 07, Ride plate,Pump seal, Dplate, Solas, Grate, all pitched and balanced, Had it all done at once, What would make it bounce in and out of the water even on Flat water? I used the trim in every which way, Nose all the way down still pops out and wont let it plane out as you say I think... Any suggestions?


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    hi, have you stepped your sponsons,mine did the same till my bud stepped them

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    Lol Help me out here what exactly does Stepped sponsons mean? Like lower them ? Sorry Im not good with this stuff.


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    Dice,i dont have any pics, but youre going to cut out the space between the middle bolt holes on the center mounting on the sponsons so its oblonged.

    When you remount. The rear bolt will go in the high hole to lower the sponson.
    The front bolt will go in the lower hole to raise it.

    And with the oblonged hole, the center bolt just goes on the center.

    This gives you the stepped.cuts down on the bounce.

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    Thank you that sounds pretty clear to me, no need for a pic I will take em off and try it later, Ya think a Drill would do it? Thanks again guys.

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    a drill may work, i use a dremel on medium speed, takes 2 min. but if all else fails,a file works, its only plastic

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    I did it lol, looks ok tomorrow I will try her out and let ya's know how thankful I am...

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    What kind of ride plate, and trim tabs.

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    A Solas Dynafly i take it? I hope....if its an 07. Whats your pitch on the prop? Going to a 14/20 ( i assume) is way to big for your mods unless its pulled way down. This is off topic of your buck problem.Just asking.
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    Just leave the middle bolt out for a quick fix,but something else is drastically off.It shouldnt bounce that bad.And butter to your pancakes Woody.

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