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Thread: Intake Grate

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    Intake Grate

    I had two of the screws goes hay wire on me when installing my new intake grate(more specifically removing the OEM Grate).... one of the screws broke in half flush to the hole on the grate and the other one came out with the copper socket/gromet attached to it.... the two main ones.... the large one towards the bow and the medium one in the stern are both okay and used them to attach the RIVA grate.....

    Question I have is if I epoxy over the two other screw holes will this be a big deal without two screws in place???? It is rock solid with the two main screws but I don't wanna lose a couple bucks by being careless.....

    I tried to take the screw that snapped out with an extractor but but it wouldn''t touch the bolt..... no clue how I would get it out.... and the other bolt is still in the OEM grate one side bolt and the other side the copper gromet..... so these are toast IMO.

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    I personally would recommend you to remove the Riva grate just installed, then remove the screw left on your OEM grate (the one with the brass insert stock on the bolt), grab the insert with vise-grips then unscrew the bolt from it, then i would put some epoxy/JB weld into the hole of the removed brass insert, (take car not to fill the inside of the brass insert with that glue) and then reinstall the brass insert in the hole with the glue, let it cure in then later on you could use that hole again with the screw (then you'd get 3 screws instead of only 2 which isn't enough...)

    For the one that broke in the hull, you'll need it to be hit with a center punch, then you drill in it'S center a small hole, than drill a bigger on, and a bigger again, until you can remove the remaining of the bolt in the threads, once again, do get a new screw/bolt, then you can get all the 4 screws like supposed to.

    Key is when you ride and hit a foreign objects.....the more screws you have left there, the more chance there is for some to hold your grate in place....loosing the grate, and/or getting a foreign object inside the jet...just for saving time with 2 missing screws insn't the best way to go...
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    that sounds about right. The stainless steel screws are a bear to drill. I had to buy quite a few to do the job.

    Did you try to remove the bolts without heating them slightly first before you backed them out? They use red loctite on them. Ask me how I know...

    one of my bolts sheared as well too.

    I ended up drilling out the bolt as well as the insert, again very frustrating.

    and put a new threaded insert in with epoxy. You can get threaded inserts even at autozone or advanced auto parts in the exact size I believe.

    when replacing your four bolts, used blue loctite on all 4. to be safe I usually wait a day for all the loctite to set up.

    Jeepster is right. DO NOT RIDE with just two bolts fastening the intake grate. Even thought the middle of the three that hold the intake grate is the most supportive one, i believe you will put more stress on this one bolt.

    If the intake grate pulls on you at 68-69, your going to have a bad day...

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    sounds right, i even stopped riding with the center bolt broken ( the one with three screws) and had it drilled and taped by my mechanic took ten minutes to do.

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