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    PWC Personality Survey

    1) You purchased your latest PWC because of its

    A manufacture's reputation for reliability.
    B performance specifications.
    C cool paint job.

    2) You always wear eye protection because

    A an unexpected splash may impair your vision.
    B mirrored sun glasses provide stealth while ogling the lake babes.
    C a friend of a friend in Baytown heard of a guy who was killed when a June
    Bug hit him in the eye at 80MPH.

    3) The gas you purchase for your PWC

    A is always at least 87 octane.
    B is always at least 93 octane.
    C can only be found at airports.

    4) When you're following a faster PWC, do you

    A continue to ride safely at a speed that is most comfortable to you.
    B silently consider purchasing a faster ride.
    C ignore your passenger's screams of terror while engaging the nitrous
    oxide system in an attempt to catch up.

    5) PWC performance is best measured in

    A total hours of trouble free operation.
    B fuel economy and clean emissions.
    C tenths of second on the slalom course.

    6) How soon after you bought your PWC did you find its rev limiter?

    A after 30 torturous break-in hours puttering around the lake while others
    stopped to ask if you needed a tow to shore.
    B rev limiter? Is that what the funny sound is?!
    C 10 feet past the boat ramp's no wake zone.

    7) Your PWC’s top speed is limited by

    A water conditions and visibility.
    B the factory installed rev limiter.
    C the laws of quantum mechanics.

    8: Your friends seek out your opinion on PWCs because they respect

    A your knowledge of the sport and dedication to PWC safety.
    B your proven mechanical abilities.
    C the way your sunglasses match your life vest.

    9) When you encounter another PWC rider on the lake, you

    A wave.
    B try to identify the make and any modifications to the PWC.
    C grin with evil confidence that your ride could blow him off the lake.

    10) A friend graciously offers you a ride on his Dale’s tuned, big-bore,
    triple piped, 80MPH, Yamaha. You

    A decline, because you don't feel capable of handling the power.
    B decline, citing soreness after last weeks offshore race.
    C decline, realizing this is only a dream because friends never let friends
    ride 80MPH Yamahas.

    11) How did you purchase your PWC?

    B financed through dealer, bank or credit union.
    C money from Mom.

    12) A cold front has just blown in and the temperature is dropping rapidity,

    A decide to stay indoors by the fireplace.
    B wax and polish your PWC in the garage hoping for warmer weather next
    C install a DC to AC power inverter and place a heating pad under your life

    13) Each time you see a Park Ranger, you expect

    a friendly wave.
    B an in-depth inspection of your PWC, whistle and fire extinguisher.
    C the first question out of his or her mouth to be “how long have you owned
    this” and something about a 50 foot rule.

    14) You've just purchased a Honda Aquatrax F-12X Turbo, the first
    aftermarket accessory you're considering is

    A nothing, it already exceeds your scare limits.
    B color matching hydro turf traction pads.
    C nitrous oxide to help with the turbo lag.

    15) When you are craving full power turns around buoys, which item should
    be in contact with the water at all times?

    A the hull.
    B the sponson.
    C your helmet.

    How To Score Your Survey

    If you scored 9 or more “A” answers – you are a very prudent careful person
    who never strays from the safe path chosen by society. There are counseling
    options available that may be of great benefit to you. Please get help!
    Remember the words of Whitman – And not when I came to die, discover that I
    had not lived….
    Most commonly these persons will be employed in the accounting, banking and
    insurance industries.

    If you scored 9 or more “B” answers - indicates moderate life enjoyment
    tendency with an eye toward “acceptable” fun. Most commonly these persons
    will be employed in the retail, real estate and computer industries.

    If you scored 9 or more “C” answers – indicates extreme life and aquatic
    enjoyment and the ability to live life outside society's rules. Most
    commonly these persons will be unemployed recovering from injuries suffered
    as a result of living life at full throttle.
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    11 Cs, 2 Bs and and 2 As!!!

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