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    TXI starts and then dies

    Hi Everyone,

    My 2002 Virage TXI starts right up. It idles for a few seconds and then dies (sometimes up to 10 seconds).

    So far, I have:
    installed new battery (not really related)
    installed new plugs
    installed new TPS

    I do not have the right tool to test the fuel pressure, but I will be buying the tool later today.

    It seems like opening the throttle makes it die sooner. The engine will rev until it dies. Even if I don't give it any gas, it dies in just a few seconds.

    Any ideas would be really appreciated. I really want to get back on the water.


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    Dirt biker .Keep the old Tps on your ski .You will need it one day .Sounds like you might not be getting Fuel pressure after inital start up .Check to see if the fuel pump is working when you have started it .Put your hand on the fuel lines and you should feel them harden whilst the pump is running .A gauge is best but I check to see if I have some pressure by crimping the line that has the schrader valve on it .Not completely but you need to restrict it .The fuel lines should go harder when you do this .You need to also make sure that you have constant power to the fuel pump .The computer pulls to earth so if you need to you can earth the pump signal wire and it will function with out the computer .Power is White with red trace and the earth is a brown wire that goes to the computer 40 pin plug as no 40



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    I searched around here and could not easily find the fuel pressure gauge, so I'm going to order one. I'll post the pressure once I get it.

    Unfortunately, I don't have a service manual. Do I take the pressure while the engine is running?

    Thanks a lot for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dirtbiker2007 View Post
    Do I take the pressure while the engine is running?
    Yes, the specs are here:

    See post # 13

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    Sure sounds like a fuel pump, let us know what you find.

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