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    2001 Genesis cutting out

    I have a 2001 Genesis fuel-injected jet ski that is cutting out for no apparent reason. I can be going along at 20 to 50 MPH smoothly and all of a sudden, the ski looses power, as if it is loosing gas. Sometimes I can choke the throttle and stop it from shutting off completely, but most of the time it shuts down. I can start it right back up, as if there was never an issue, and ride if for a while before it does it again. Per the local marina mechanic, I tried putting fuel additive in it to absorb any water in the gas, which seemed to work at first, but I am right back to where I was. I have bled the fuel line, tightened up the fittings (the ones I could see) but nothing seems to be working. Anyone have any ideas of things I could try before I have to take the ski in for diagnosis and repair? Thanks - Go2lkg

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    go2, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!

    The first thing I would do is check fuel pressure. The pump is old enough to where it will begine to fail in the manner you speak.
    If you don't have a fuelpressure port you just need to add the schraeder valve in line at the feed line.
    Let me know if you need directions or fuel pressure values.

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    I just posted checks for dirtbiker TXI isuues .You need to do the same as him for diagnosis



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    If you still have no luck finding the problem, carry it to a dealer and have them hook it up to the laptop and check the fuel timing on the emm to make sure it's no going out.

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