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    where's the intercooler?


    I know this sounds like a stupid question but I always thought the intercooler was between the supercharger and the intake. (on my truck its between the turbo and the intake). My 2006 215hp scic sportster seems to have the supercharger draw air from the airbox and send pressurized air directly to the throttle body. I alway thought the intercooler was between the supercharger and the intake.

    Can anyone straighten me out?


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    Welcome BB,
    It's INSIDE the intake manifold on the 1.5L Rotax.

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    Yes, ours is an intercooler in the truest sense; it's inside the engine. The supercharger heats up the air as is compresses it (which seems counter-intuitive to me, I would think compressed air = cool air), so the intercooler comes after the SC to cool the charge the SC just heated. It's a long tube that slides out of the front of the engine (opposite side the supercharger is on), but because the gas tank is in the way, you have to unbolt the throttle body to get it all the way out (which you'll have to do if you ever suck up a bunch of sand without an inline intercooler strainer).

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    Thanks, that does make sense to me. I remember my college thermo class that says compressed air gets hot. I guess I just expected to see an external sc.

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