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    97 xp electrical

    Hey this is the second thread I posted bout my jetski, cuz I went to seadoo and got it fixed. I got it back today, and brought it out n it didnt cut out liuke it usually does..which is a good thing..They replaced the safety switch, but like 45 mins into cut out wen i was at an did that twice today..When it was running at halk n top speed it didnt cut out at all..which it had done before hand..If you guys have any suggestions of a way to fine tune this problem out..let me know..thx!..

    1997 xp
    1998 acura integra

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    Sounds like your idle is adjusted too low...or the low speed screws are turned out too much, causing the engine to load up at idle, and stall.

    Have you plugged to two front vent holes under the hood?

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