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    Check Your Intake

    i was over at southboundchicken's coop tonight replacing his ceramic washers and helping with his oil change.. and we were talking about his ride this morning and how fast they were able to get it up to, and he claimed it was down about 3 or 4 mph with him on it and his son michael ( aka ) eastboundturkey , about 140# or so , claimed he could only get about 67 indicated... usually he's good for 70-71 mph,well i got on my back and found what look to be a old plactic bag all wrapped around the drive shaft blocking the prop... well try it out again tomorrow!!!

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    definitley gonna start checking that everytime i fly, thanks brother

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    I've had a bag wedged between the intake grate and rideplate once

    It was on the run when I ran 73.6

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