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    Sad day (sort of)

    Well the day has come -- I sold my MSX 110. No because of any issues (I actually had good luck) I had I just want to go faster . So here is my question: I have narrowed my choices down to two the Yami FX HO and The Seadoo RXT (215) both new. I am leaning toward the Yami because I already have one and it's excellent but I can get the Sea-Doo at a good price. I heard SD RXTs are faster but have a habit of destroying the superchargers and engines.

    I'm buying tomorrow so let opinions begin

    PS: On second thought I will still be here in good ol Polaris because I have a 99 SLH that I continue to improve!!!

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    Speaking to a supercharged Doo owner (older guy), he didn't like his for cruising. It stayed in a RPM range that was awkward, too slow for SC, but not fast enough for engine alone. Just telling you what I heard. My boss has a Yam HO, it's nice. Plush seats, tilt steering (adjustable), and quick as hell off the line with that Fuel injection. My $.02

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    Tough choice, I've ridden both and there is nothing like the oomph of the BRP, if it's all about cruising the Yami is second only to the new Ultra or LX.
    Although I also think the Kawi with SC rips much harder than both the Yami and BRP.
    But given the decision between the two you selected I'd take the Yami if I could live with the speed.

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    You already know about the supercharger issue, but that is an easy fix if you swap to the metal washers. Tons of info on it on the SD side.

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